Honest Postpartum Photography | Scottsville, VA

Your baby is here. You’re in love. Each little detail is precious and adored. You want desperately to have their tiny features documented and preserved in photographs, yet, your body is sore, your chest leaks, and your mind is still learning to navigate through the haze from your new sleep schedule. While a newborn photography session sounds dreamy, it also sounds overwhelming.

I want to break a misconception. And, honestly, a rule that many photographers practice by: newborn sessions do not have to take place immediately after birth. Some families can handle having photographs being taken within the first 48-hours of birth; some are also ready within the first two weeks. However, in my work as a professional birth doula, I’ve witnessed many parents who need those early days with their baby uninterrupted. They have needed that time to focus solely on healing, on learning their baby’s cues, on practicing feeding their child. If you’re someone who truly feels good about having a photographer document your family during the early days—wonderful! I was one of those parents and I love photographing clients with brand new babies! But, for those of you who need more time, take it! You and your baby come first. For some of you, birthing a child means an extended hospital stay or many medical appointments. Your self care is important and delaying photographs with your baby is okay. When the fog clears and life stabilizes a bit, I want you to know that you haven’t missed your window for photographs.

I offer specialty postpartum photography which provides an honest, raw, yet beautiful look into your life during this period of transition. I love coming early in your child’s life to capture the combination of stillness and chaos that comes with having a few-days old baby. I equally love coming when your baby is several weeks old and documenting you all in your imperfect perfection.

In the wooded countryside, just south of Charlottesville, the Grace family welcomed me into their Scottsville home when baby Fiona was nearly a month old. Dear friends of mine, I had previously had the opportunity to celebrate now-big brother Cedar’s nursing journey with a commemorative breastfeeding session a bit before the family was expecting. I was excited to be back on their farm, spending my morning hanging out with them and documenting life as it unfolded.


Cedar spent some time showing me his toys while his parents and I chatted about their home birth and their new normal since becoming parents to two. After catching up, I was led into Claire and Gabe’s bedroom where sweet baby Fiona was napping. The family piled onto the bed to show off their new baby. Next to the bed was the gorgeous handmade co-sleeper which Gabe and sister-in-law crafted while Claire labored. Cedar lovingly shared stuffed animals with his little sister before engaging in typical toddler play—wrestling and bouncing on the bed. Their new normal.


The boys moved in and out of the frame as Cedar found new games to play and Gabe followed his busy boy. Each time they re-entered the room, there was such a wonderful joy-filled playfulness that followed.


Upon waking, Fiona revealed her quiet and observant personality to me. Content to be snuggled against her mother, her large eyes soaked in the world.


The postpartum period, perfectly imperfect. Lovingly tender and deeply unpredictable.

Your care comes first. But when you’re ready, let’s capture the raw beauty of this time.