When I first met Jennifer, I knew I was speaking with an insanely strong woman. She exuded confidence and warmth, her smile infectious. She spoke with passion about her work running a child development center and she was excited to become a mother. The awe I felt around her transferred over to the night baby Banner was born.

When I joined Jennifer and Andy at the Birth Center of Charlottesville, Jenn was already roaring her baby girl down. In the middle of the night, this warrior mama shifted from position to position, working immensely hard to bring her baby earthside. Andy was always near, holding Jenn’s hand, a calm presence.

Eventually, after some non-emergent signs, it was decided that the parents should transfer to the care of UVA doctors as a precaution. Despite having her original birth plans derailed, Jennifer continued forward with strength and assertion, advocating for herself with unrivaled energy, a trait I wish for all of my clients (and myself)! Shortly after they were transferred, Banner was born into the arms of her mother.

Banner immediately spent time snuggled on her mama’s chest, under special blankets and towels brought from home—a lovely, thoughtful touch—and then moved to her daddy for some more skin-to-skin.

There is no doubt in my mind that lucky baby Banner has some incredible parents.