Love Notes from Doula & Photography Clients

...she helped me tremendously as I weaved my way through the maze of options and opinions related to everything baby! 

Joni L.

...Maggie immediately was a warm, friendly, down to earth coach for my husband, Eddie, and I - calming our natural fears and encouraging us to feel how we needed to feel. Looking back on how our son’s Birthday progressed, I can say that Maggie being there in person, and on-call in the hours before, 100% positively impacted our experience... It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about that incredible day bringing our first child into the world and am so grateful to Maggie for all her evidence based education, physical & emotional support and those hip squeezes :) She was meant to be a doula. We all thank you, my dear <3


Eddie C.

...Maggie was amazing! She was the perfect combination of caring and professional. We met twice before our due date for preliminary discussions, tips and tricks on how I could help my wife during early labor. Once my wife's water broke, Maggie was the first person I texted. She was here within an hour and stayed for all 18 hours of labor. Maggie was our advocate and champion in labor and delivery. She was there to help soothe my wife as she went through contractions while I worked to calm her down. We were teammates and we wouldn't have made it to the finish line without her. After our little one was born, Maggie made sure that we were ok and settling in before she left. A week later she followed up with us and even set us up with a meal train. Maggie Williams is a knowledgeable, caring, and kind doula. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone that is considering a doula.

Brian F.


Maggie was an excellent doula for us.  From the pre-birth sessions up until labor and delivery - and even after birth - she was an excellent support person for my wife and I.  In the birth room, her experience shined through.  She was able to help my wife as well as me get through the birthing process very well.  Added bonus - she takes INCREDIBLE photos if you add on the birth photography option.  So glad we enlisted Maggie's help for the birth of our first born!  Thanks again, Maggie!


Brittney F.


I have to give a huge shout out to Maggie for not only her birth services but her amazing photography. She is by far the best investment I've ever made! Her nurturing nature, her guiding hand, her prep support and delivery support are bar none. Her photography skills were the icing on top and I am so grateful to have had her through the entire pregnancy and to have beautiful photos of our baby girl making her way into the world. She's the best!!!



Maggie was absolutely amazing! My wife and I would have been absolutely lost without her. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and I am extremely confident in saying that there is no way it would have gone as smoothly as it did without her. She was there for us every step of the way, and created the safest space possible for us. She advocated for my wife beautifully, respected her wishes, and did everything she could to facilitate what we requested. Not only during the birth, but after as well! She checked in on us, was there for my wife to bounce questions off of, plugged us into some local resources for play dates and support groups, and was just absolutely amazing. I literally could go on and on about Maggie, but I will leave with this: Maggie perfectly embodies and sets the bar for what a doula and birthing advocate should be. Not enough stars in the world to rate my experience with Maggie Williams!!!

Emily C.

Skin to Skin.jpg

My husband and I spent much of my pregnancy unsure about whether or not to hire a doula. My husband had planned and prepared all throughout the pregnancy to be a very active birth partner, so we weren't sure that the added value a doula would bring would be worth the financial investment. However, after having worked with Maggie, we both wholeheartedly agree now that the experience was worth much, much more than the initial financial investment. It was the best decision we could have made!

We hired Maggie just two days before I went into labor, which meant that we had only spoken via phone prior to that day. Meeting someone while in labor could have made for an awkward situation, but Maggie never missed a beat...I whole-heartedly believe that without Maggie's support, I would not have been able to have the unmedicated birth I had hoped for. I am so happy we had Maggie with us on that day. Additionally, Maggie provided birth photography services to us in addition to her doula services. Her primary focus is to provide doula services, but she was able to capture some absolutely amazing shots throughout the day. The images document the most important day in our lives thus far—they're invaluable to us.

If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, please contact Maggie. You will be so glad you did!



When we first met Maggie we both felt comfortable and relaxed in her presence.  She was alert and present in our first meeting.  Her knowledge, combined with a relaxed professional personality, quickly made us realize that she would be a great fit for an experience that would require her skills and qualities...I cannot say enough of how integral and helpful Maggie was.  Having her with us was a comfort and an unwavering wealth of knowledge that we could rely upon throughout the entire experience.  She is passionate about what she does and it shows in every step of the process. 

"I could not have made it without her, no way." A quote from my wife.

Anthony b.


Maggie was absolutely one of the best decisions we made in our long journey to our first child. My wife's labor was roughly 36 hours and Maggie stayed by our side the entire time. I'm not sure how she did it - as excited as I was I still needed to take time to rest, but Maggie was right there to jump in and keep my wife motivated and comfortable. She was able to help with everything from positioning on the bed to support during difficult contractions. She consulted us on risk factors for certain birth augmentations, but never judged us or shared her personal opinion on our choices which let us make the best decision for our circumstances...There is nobody else we would have wanted in the birthing room with us. The memories she made and captured will be with us forever, and will be shared often with our wonderful daughter. I recommend Magge to anyone looking for any labor support - she truly made it special. 


Kelly T.

Maggie went above and beyond what my husband’s and my expectations were of her. She went completely out of the way for us and gave us the best possible birth experience considering our long, awaited birth ended up with a cesarean birth. I was devastated, but she supported me through all the decision-making, gave me mounds of information, which allowed us to make the best decision for me and my child. I was lucky enough to have her there with me during prep, where they wouldn’t allow my husband...My husband was more than grateful for her as I was in post-op and he was with our newest daughter. She was able to be there for him when I could not; comforting him and assuring him that I was in good hands...Through the whole birth and after, she made sure our wishes were honored and accepted change in our wishes. She is truly talented and gifted in this profession. She has a true passion for this and it comes out in her actions. If my husband and I are lucky enough to have another, she will definitely be by our sides once more.


Amy m.

Maggie is an incredible doula. Our prenatal, birth, and postnatal experience was completely enhanced by her knowledge, support, and compassion. My husband and I felt very cared for, and Maggie completely (and without judgement) helped support us in all of our decisions surrounding birthing and caring for our baby. She is also very nurturing and responsive, and always left me feeling good about questions I had asked, concerns I had, etc...Her presence at our birth was an absolute comfort for me, and the techniques she employed to reduce my pain level were extraordinary. To also have her check in on us at home after the birth was wonderful. She is always just a text/call away, and is a wonderful, knowledgeable resource on all things baby-related. I just cannot recommend her highly enough, and neither can my husband. Her services are of priceless value!



Maggie is able to so naturally capture the essence of children. They can be the hardest to photograph, but because of her patience, and loving demeanor, their true selves come out in front of the camera



Rachael S.

We were graced and blessed with Maggie as our doula for the birth of our son! I couldn't have done it without her! She was fantastic!



As much as we give thanks to you, it is still not enough for everything you invested in our birth.

You are an excellent doula and really believe in the natural process of childbirth.  I much appreciate the work you do and have very much enjoyed the births that we have had together thus far.  You are a wonderful advocate for the families and I know you make their experience even more valuable with your love and support.  Your existence in the hospital throughout the delivery gave a strong feeling to my wife. You are truly a very special woman and so empowering doula in helping families during their pregnancy and throughout delivery.