It is my belief that anyone who breastfeeds, for any length of time, should feel proud of the time and effort they committed to that relationship with their child.  Moreover, in celebration of those relationships, I believe nursing journeys need to be documented.  In the grand scheme of life, the connection that comes from breastfeeding is fleeting, yet it is oh-so-powerful and important. Why not preserve those memories? 

Documenting this Earth Mama Goddess and her little farm boy's breastfeeding relationship was heart-filling.  Claire and her husband founded and operate Gracefull Farm in Esmont, VA.  It's a tiny woodland oasis tucked back in the countryside, just outside of Charlottesville. The land is lush, with brightly colored flowers stippling the gardens. To say that walking through their property made my heart sing is an understatement.  Along with being a farmer, Claire is a healer, doula, and a yoga instructor. Her grounded presence makes the soul feel calm. I watched in awe as her strong arms securely embraced her son during our not-particularly-short trek through the woods.  Despite being one year old and filled with typical toddler energy, Claire's son Cedar remained content during our time together, a testament to his strong, love-based connection with his mother. However, Cedar was more interested in playing and throwing little bits and bobs into the water than nursing at the time of our session, thereby providing me with a delightful opportunity to authentically capture joy-filled interactions!  

If you like friendly farmers and locally sourced food (you should, you can taste the love!), be sure to look into Gracefull Farm's offerings.  If you're interested in a breastfeeding documentary session, please contact me.  You can read about my August specials here.