While every birth that I witness is moving and miraculous, there is an added element of magic that comes from watching a childhood friend transform into a parent.  During the birth of sweet baby Bradley, I was given such a privilege.  Bradley's father, Aaron, and I grew up together.  We have been friends since primary school and spent many Saturdays together as my mother coached his soccer team.  I was delighted when his wife, Sarah, contacted me one day to purchase cloth diapers that I was reselling.  During the casual chitchat of the diaper sale, it came to light that I was a birth doula.  A month later, I was preparing to support this incredible couple in birth.

Sarah was a rockstar and Aaron, an amazing partner as their son was being born.  These parents powered through a long early stage of labor and endured the chaos of construction at the hospital--I kid you not, there were times where the delivery room was shaking and roaring from the work being done a floor below. 

I feel fortunate to call this sweet family my friends and it was such an honor to support them during Bradley's birth.  A powerful love was evident throughout the entire process and as I re-live the birth through these photographs, I am moved. Scroll through the images below and see the magic for yourself.