On a beautiful, sunshine filled May morning, Brittney and Brian welcomed baby Blaire earthside (the literary side of me loves the alliteration!).  I joined the expectant parents as they were checking in at Martha Jefferson Hospital on the night of Brian's birthday.  While he narrowly missed sharing his birthday with their first born, he maintains that she's the best gift he has received.  

Early labor was slow and irregular, yet the first time parents did a wonderful job being patient and spent a day's worth of labor at home.  Brittney distracted herself by preparing adorable gift bags that she sells through her business Southern Grown Vintage.  I was lucky enough to receive a "Brittney special" (to quote her husband) and am exceedingly grateful for the heartfelt treats that she included, several of which were perfect in helping me rest after attending her daughter's birth.

Soaring through a night of labor, Brittney was ready to birth her daughter shortly after the sun rose.  In under an hour of pushing (which is incredible for a first time mother!), baby Blaire was born.  She arrived alert, yet serene. Blaire quietly snuggled on her mother's chest as her parents shared tears and laughs, in the blissful state of disbelief that they were now parents.  

I was fortunate enough to snag some additional newborn photographs of Blaire a few days before she turned one week old. It was incredible to witness her birth and then the transformation of this little one.