When I went to bed earlier a couple weeks ago, I knew that I would probably be joining my doula clients, Allison & Heath, later the following day to support them in labor. Because Allison was a first time parent, we were not anticipating a fast birth.  Nonetheless, I packed my equipment, just in case, yet still confident that I had plenty of time. I went to bed unworried. 

Around 2AM, I got a call from Allison letting me know that her water had broken but that contractions were still quite manageable.  I went back to bed. An hour and a half later, my phone chimed. It was a text alerting me that contractions had intensified and that the new parents were ready for me to join them.  I can safely say that this particular 35 minute commute was the first drive to a birth during which I did not feel anxious about possibly missing the delivery. First time births are rarely fast...but Baby Ethan had his own plans...

As I pulled in front of Allison and Heath's home, I spotted them walking to their car.  They had decided we should go to the hospital.  We drove separately and, somehow, missed each other as they checked in.  Fortunately, even though Allison hadn't officially been admitted and wasn't in the system, I was allowed to the Labor & Delivery floor.  The moment I introduced myself as Allison's doula, the front desk attendant jumped up and rushed me to the triage room where Allison was already pushing.  

Two minutes later, Baby Ethan was born.

What I remember most vividly about the moments after Ethan was born was his father, Heath, excitedly welcoming his son by telling him that he was already loved so much.


Both the midwife and I were blown away by the birth being so fast--and I think it's safe to say that the parents were too!  We have had some laughs over his quick arrival and the force with which Ethan has taken on the world.


I'm pretty sure Ethan has the most perfect little nose and lips. <3

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