Intimate Parenthood & Raw Postpartum Photography

Celebrating Bodies Throughout Parenthood

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Intimate Parenthood & Raw Postpartum Photography

Our bodies are incredible. As parents, our bodies are used to nurture, provide for, and to love our children. Many parents’ bodies grow and nourish tiny human beings. Every body changes throughout life. Every body remains unique and beautiful. Every body deserves to be celebrated. Take the time to practice true self love and honor your body just as it is during this stage of life.

If you’re growing a baby, let’s document your glorious belly and shed some love on any other transformations that accompany your journey into parenthood. Those who have just given birth, let’s pay homage to your incredible body—perfect and swollen, milk-stained or scarred, yet so in love with the masterpiece it has created. Those of you who are months or years deep into parenthood, let’s celebrate the wonderful and the messy adventures that come with being a parent. Let’s love your gorgeous body exactly how it is and preserve the connection you have built with your child.

These sessions are for all parents—expectant, birthing, non-birthing, adoptive—you all deserve to be celebrated.