Birth Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a birth photographer?

Welcoming a child into our world is a life-altering experience.  Birth can be intense and, while most parents will forever remember their child's birth story, many details may be left unclear. Professional birth photography helps preserve these moments and allows parents to vividly relive the birth in perfect detail.  

I use professional equipment and hand-edit all final images.  Birth story images are delivered in hi-resolution files.

Why hire me?

I am naturally an empathetic and sensitive person.  I pride myself on my ability to make people feel comfortable and cared for.  I provide a calm, compassionate presence and as a trained doula, I offer emotional support to all my clients at no extra cost.

What areas do you serve?

I attend out-of-hospital births throughout all of Central Virginia, specifically serving Charlottesville, Albemarle, Richmond, Staunton, and Buckingham. If you are planning an out-of-hospital birth and would like to know if your birth location is in my service area, please send me a note! I currently only attend hospitals births located in Charlottesville, VA.

When do you arrive?

While I officially go on-call for births two weeks before an estimated due date, babies can be unpredictable.  I encourage all clients to call me should labor commence sooner and, if possible, I will make every effort to be there, regardless of whether our on-call period has begun.  After labor begins, I keep regular communication with my clients.  I typically join clients once active labor has begun.  We discuss how to tell when this stage is reached in our consultation session.  I will not leave you until your baby has been born and I remain after the birth for 1-2 hours.

How many images do I receive?

Because every birth story is unique, I am unable to predict exactly how many images a client will receive.  However, most clients receive between 100-200 hand-edited, hi-resolution files following their session. I provide "sneak peek" images shortly after birth for clients to share immediately with loved ones, should they wish.

Are there any birth locations that do NOT allow birth photography?

In my experience, photographers are permitted in the local Charlottesville hospitals and Central Virginia birth centers.  I have photographed births at both the University of Virginia Medical Center and Martha Jefferson Hospital.  However, my ability to capture the exact moment of birth typically varies by care provider and location.  It is my clients' responsibility to discuss with their care provider prior to labor their desires for birth photography and to assert that right upon entering the birth location.  

Do you photograph cesarean births?

While I have photographed cesarean births, at this point, it is unpredictable if our local hospitals will permit photographers in the operating room.  The University of Virginia Medical Center has allowed professional birth photographers, including myself, to document cesarean birth on occasion, while Martha Jefferson Hospital has not. If you are preparing for a cesarean birth, I encourage you to communicate with your care provider and hospital about your desire for birth photography.  Policies will not be changed until the consumers demand change.  If you plan for a physiological birth but need to have a cesarean, I document the story leading to the birth and remain in your room to capture the early moments with your baby once you return. I am also available to photograph scheduled cesareans in the same manner--documenting the day prior to delivery and the first moments after the birth.

Do you share all birth images on social media?

While I love sharing birth images on social media and believe them to be empowering, I respect families who prefer to keep their images private. Specifics can be discussed during the consultation.

How many birth clients do you take on a month?

I take a limited number of birth doula and/or birth photography clients a month, usually 1-2.  In order to guarantee my availability, clients are encouraged to reserve their estimated due dates as soon as they are ready to commit to my services.

How expensive is birth photography?

Birth photography is an investment for both myself and my clients.   

My investment:  Depending on when a baby arrives, I can be on-call 24/7 for up to a month at a time.  During that period, I remain local and must be prepared to leave for a birth immediately, night or day.  Labor is unpredictable and sometimes I stay at a birth for over 24 hours.  I hand edit all images (usually 100-200 photographs) and spend roughly 5-15 minutes per image.  Additionally, I purchase and maintain high-end equipment suitable challenging lighting situations which are typical for births.

Birth photography + Doula services available. Find information here.

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