From Kelly T.

Maggie went above and beyond what my husband’s and my expectations were of her. She went completely out of the way for us and gave us the best possible birth experience considering our long, awaited birth ended up with a cesarean birth.

I was devastated, but she supported me through all the decision-making, gave me mounds of information, which allowed us to make the best decision for me and my child. I was lucky enough to have her there with me during prep, where they wouldn’t allow my husband. This was where I needed the most support and I was thankful for her presence. She helped calm me, rerouted my attention to the birth of my child rather than a surgery. She created a birth environment for me in a sterile operating room, which I can tell you not many people can do this!

My husband was more than grateful for her as I was in post-op and he was with our newest daughter. She was able to be there for him when I could not; comforting him and assuring him that I was in good hands. I had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia so she was able to make sure my husband wasn’t alone or uncomfortable.

Through the whole birth and after, she made sure our wishes were honored and accepted change in our wishes. She is truly talented and gifted in this profession. She has a true passion for this and it comes out in her actions. If my husband and I are lucky enough to have another, she will definitely be by our sides once more.