From Ian M.

When we first met Maggie we both felt comfortable and relaxed in her presence.  She was alert and present in our first meeting.  Her knowledge, combined with a relaxed professional personality, quickly made us realize that she would be a great fit for an experience that would require her skills and qualities.  It was our first child, and while my wife had done a lot of research, I had not, on the whole experience of giving birth.  One thing that we both quickly agreed upon was that we wanted to have Maggie with us through the process.  We did attend some workshops at the hospital which were helpful.  Having Maggie come to our house and personally explain the process and experience, prepared us with the knowledge we needed, but also gave us the confidence in knowing that she would be there with us throughout our journey. 

When the labor began at around 3 in the morning we called Maggie who arrived in short order.  The labor was long.  It lasted around 18 hours.  Maggie was present and alert for the entire duration.  She was comforting, supportive and devoted to making the experience as positive as possible.  The labor and experience did not go exactly as planned, but in the end we were greeted with a beautiful healthy baby via C-Section.  

I cannot say enough of how integral and helpful Maggie was.  Having her with us was a comfort and an unwavering wealth of knowledge that we could rely upon throughout the entire experience.  She is passionate about what she does and it shows in every step of the process. 

"I could not have made it without her, no way." A quote from my wife.