Birth Doula Services

"I can say that Maggie being there in person, and on-call in the hours before, 100% positively impacted our experience... It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about that incredible day bringing our first child into the world and I am so grateful to Maggie for all her evidence based education, physical & emotional support, and those hip squeezes." -Joni, first time parent


You were made for birth.

Giving birth is a powerful, transformative experience.   As a trained professional birth doula, I support you as you embark on this sacred journey, guiding you to harness your own incredible innate strength.

Initial Consultation: Free

I offer a free, non-binding consultation to those who are interested in learning more about doula support and my birth photography services.

Birth Doula Support Package: $1000


  • Free initial consultation

  • Two to three prenatal sessions

  • Email and phone support through the pregnancy and the postpartum period

  • Knowledge of evidence-based data so that you can make informed decisions

  • References to local skilled professionals and resources, such as chiropractors, body workers, IBCLCs, and support organizations

  • Complete support of the decisions you make

  • Tips for self advocacy

  • On-call for your birth starting two weeks before your estimated due date through delivery

  • Continuous labor support for you and your partner (if present)

  • Knowledge of labor comfort measures

  • One-two hours of immediate postpartum support

  • An in-home postpartum visit after the birth

  • Full trust in your ability to birth

 Birth Photography Add-On

  • Offered in addition to doula services (support role is priority)

  • Professional photography coverage during labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period

  • Professionally edited, high-resolution files

  • Honored request of privacy

By choosing me to photograph your birth, you eliminate the need for an additional person in your birthing environment.  You will already have a solid relationship established with me, lending to your comfort.   As a trained compassionate support person, I will be able to capture your birthing experience without disrupting the beautiful moment.

Doulas hold non-medical roles, therefore, I do not perform clinical tasks, such as taking blood pressure, fetal heart checks, or vaginal exams. Doula care should be provided in conjunction with, rather than in lieu of, midwifery or obstetric care.

If you would like to use my services but have financial limitations, please contact me to discuss options that may be available to you.

Gift Certificates

If you wish to purchase a gift certificate for birth doula or photography services, please contact me directly.

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