Over a year and a half ago I was preparing for this darling baby's birth.  The birth of sweet Charlotte Rose remains monumental to me for two simple reasons.  First, little Charlotte is my niece and, second, her delivery was the first birth I would attend as a doula and an aspiring birth photographer. 

Due to possible complications, Charlotte Rose was born via cesarean section.  Charlotte's parents, despite their original desire for a physiological birth, remained incredibly brave and headed into the birthing day with tremendous strength.  Fortunately Charlotte's birth went smoothly and the healthy baby girl was born just after noon that day. 

Watching my brother and sister-in-law meet their daughter for the first time was life-changing for me.  Witnessing and documenting the pivotal moment of birth and those early tender embraces left me completely hooked on birth work.  To this day, I feel the emotions swell in my chest as I look through Charlotte's birth images.  Can you too feel the great emotions from these images?

Flash forward a year: Sweet Charlotte Rose at her first birthday party!