Your story is worth preserving.

I capture stories of authentic connections, unrivaled love, & immeasurable strength.

A birth is an experience that most families remember for the entirety of their lives. It is a sacred, powerful, and pivotal moment, but also tends to occur in a whirlwind. Professional birth photography allows families to preserve the details of their birth stories and enhance those memories for years to come. Inviting a photographer into your intimate birth space can be unnerving. However, I am not a standard photographer, I am also a certified birth doula, professionally trained to provide compassionate care. Being welcomed into a birth space is a great honor and I treat it as such. I promise to capture your birthing experience without disrupting the beautiful moment.


As a birth photographer, I meet you in labor and document your birth story as it unfolds.

My birth photography package includes:

  • Being on-call for you 24-7, beginning at 38 weeks gestation until your baby is born

  • A calm, supportive presence through labor and birth

  • Hand-edited, high resolution images for you to treasure

  • "Sneak Peek" photographs for you to share shortly after the birth, if you wish

  • A private online gallery of your birth images for easy viewing and immediate downloading

I take a limited amount of clients each month.

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A snapshot into your photographer: I am a highly sensitive person and a strong empath. Feeling things deeply is my super power. I value authenticity and relationships above all else.  I tend to invest in others whole-heartedly and nothing makes my heart sing more than when others invest back in me.  Learn more about me!



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Birth Photographer & Doula Maggie Williams

Birth Photographer & Doula Maggie Williams

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